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pinpointerfavicon w green border.jpg (1441 bytes)  For independent creative content originators, the Internet isn't living up
        to its promise.

The Net once promised a game-changing opportunity for talented but overlooked musicians, writers, and other creative people to claim their place in the sun.
-- They could stop being at the mercy of traditional industry "gatekeepers"--who often
    had no time to even
listen to their demos, read their manuscripts, etc.
-- They could put their work directly in front of the public.
-- People who liked it could buy it.
Lots of independent creative content is now available online, but hardly anyone is buying it.
+ Despite an abundance of tools, certain key ones are still missing.   (more...)
+ The root problem:  today's Net is hooked on popularity, clueless about quality.   (more...)
Providing the needed tools requires understanding the underlying problem.
+ People want retail-scaled subsets, containing just the most interesting material.   (more...)
+ New tools are available that provide this capability.   (more...)

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